#2 | Anas watching #ABtalks

Title: Anas watching #ABtalks

Date Taken: December 16, 2019

Photographer: Yours truly

I wonder what Da Vinci did every time he finished a painting.

Did he ever stop to analyze it, did he ever revisit a piece months later, and did he have a plan or were they all random oils-to-canvas decisions that turned into masterpieces? I wonder if he liked to take naps in between. Did he ever live through his pieces being displayed publicly and watch people’s reactions to them? Also, I would love to know if he washed his paintbrushes with hot or cold water. I hear neither are good for the bristles.

The photo above was taken during the premiere screening of #ABtalks with Gary Vee (Chapter 12) at Bukhash Brothers. There is something about this moment frozen in time that warms my heart and gives me the goosebumps at the same time. Anas on the other side of the screen, watching people watch his show with him.

Glad I can get all my questions answered through WhatsApp on this one.

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